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Universal 4 Hosting offers it's clients customized solutions for Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, CoLocation, Web Design and Development, Technical Support, Domain Names and more!

The days of opening up a business, getting some business cards printed, maybe placing an ad in the phone book and your all set are over.

Now although we still recommend you do those things, that's not all. You need a web site.

In order for that to happen, you need to buy a domain name, and build the site, and then have the site hosted for you. We can help you with all of that here.

Universal 4 Hosting has been hosting websites and serving the Central FL area (as well as the World) since 2000.

Whether you already have a website, or you don't but you have a person who is going to build your site for you or not, we can help you plan the site, consult with you on design, build the site, or host the site. And if you don't already have a domain name you can search for one here.

We invite you to look at the services we provide our clients, from web hosting, web design, domain names, colocation and managed server services to all sorts of technical and network consulting services.

If you have any questions, take a look at the FAQ's or be sure to fill out the prospective client information form and we'll get an answer to you or contact you to arrange a consultation by phone or instant messanger at a time that is convenient for you.

Do Not choose a Web Host based on price alone.

We understand that picking a hosting provider might be difficult for you because you may not understand what your needs are now or will be in the future, or it may be difficult because you don'\t understand how important the right host can be.

If this is your situation, we recommend you do not choose a web host based upon price alone. Be sure they will be available to provide the support you need, whether that be with helping you to build the site, answer simple questions such as the use of html tags, or maybe help with CSS layouts or maybe even just help you debug your new site or pages, even help you find typos etc.

Why choose Universal 4 Hosting?

We welcome you to browse our website here and hopefully some of the recommendations we make throughout our pages may help inspire you more, or maybe it will help you make a better informed decision when you evaluate web hosts, or service providers.

If you have any questions or require further information, we encourage you to visit our contact page. On that page we have placed a prospective client information form where you can ask more detailed questions or request a contact back so you may request a custom quote for services.


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