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DNS Server Services

Whether you know it or not, everything on the internet is controlled or at least supported by DNS. All web sites, must have at least one ip address, and a dns server is what translates the domain name to the ip address.

Without dns, you could never get to your favorite web address because the web server must be found by the ip address.

Don't forget about email too. All email traffic actually takes place by ip address and it is dns that translates the ip back to the domain name so the it can be delivered to the correct mail server and thus make it to the correct mailbox.

In most cases when you purchase hosting for a website or domain, the web host will offer dns for that domain as part of the package price. But, there may be times when you require the need of a "DNS Host".

One example might be that you have decided to put up a corporate mail server at your business, such as Microsoft Exchange. In that case your Exchange Server will need dns records and mx records in order for it to recieve email properly

We can provde this service for you as part of a hosting package, or as a stand alone service. Be sure to take a look at our hosting packages and pricing. For any of those hosting packages listed, the dns for the website being hosted by us is taken care of within the package. For those that may need stand alone dns service, see our pricing below.

Stand Alone DNS Service

As always, clients of our hosting services do not need to pay extra for DNS Services since they are automatically included for any websites hosted with us.

Stand alone DNS service should only be required for those clients who have additional domains hosted on other servers or for those needing dns services for applications or privately hosted servers in corporate or home-based type applications

Another reason someone might want a stand alone dns service is for those individuals that desire to have a set of dns servers in more than one ip class. For those requiring this type of service in higher volumes, be sure to contact us for a specific quote based upon your needs.

Monthly Pricing for DNS Service

1 to 3 domains $5
4 to 10 domains $10
11 to 20 domains $16
More than 20 domains Inquire

Please note: We provide dns servers in 2 ip classes for our web hosting clients as well as those who purchase our stand alone dns services.

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