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Co-Location Server Services

Co-location Services are for those individulas or companies that really want to use their own equipment. Co-location means that you provide the equipment, and manage it. We provide the space and the high speed internet connection in a NOC (Network Operations Center).

Maybe you have a preconfigured server that you recieved from a software program purchase and you need a hosting facility to house it in.

Or maybe your company has an in-house IT Staff that you already pay to manage your on-site servers and workstations and you now need a server in an ISP facility to connect clients with the internet.

Or maybe you're just a techie or geek and you just want to be able to say that you own the server where your website or application that you are developing is housed.

Talk to us and we can provide you the co-location space that you need.

If you think that you need a dedicated server, or maybe a recommendation for you to get a dedicated server has been made to you by a software provider or maybe you have reached your bandwith limit on a shared server elsewhere, but you do NOT want to maintain and manage your server, you may want to check out our dedicated server services or our managed server services.

Currently, we are quoting space privately through email communications, phone and fax quotes. If you are serious about talking to us, be sure to fill out our prospective client information form and we will contact you at our earliest convenience.

When choosing a Colocation Provider, be sure their level of service will meet your needs.

Co locating your equipment in a hosting facility does not have to be a daunting task. Just make sure the company you choose offers the level of service you need.

Often, even simple things like pressing a reset switch on a server that has become locked up may incur additional charges. This is normal but be sure these charges are not way out of line compared to the level of service you have contracted for.

If you have a server that this happens to a lot, then it might be time to replace the server or spend some time diagnosing what is causing the lockups. If you need technical advice or assistance with this, be sure to contact us and we can discuss this problem with you also.

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