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Why choose Universal 4 Hosting?

Do you need a web presence? Are you looking to buy a domain name? Do you need a web host? Are you trying find someone to build or develop your website?

Then you have come to the right place.

If you have been researching hosting providers and you have read dozens of sites each one telling you that they are better than the last, and you have seen prices ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per month and you just don't understand it all, take a few minutes and slow down before you make an uninformed decision.

With the proliferation of all the hosting resellers sitting on shared servers around the world, many run by individuals who do not even know how to fix a technical problem on their own computer let alone conquer a complex server issue, you need to make sure that the hosting provider you choose can handle your needs.

Not all hosting resellers are bad either. Some of them are very well versed in handling issues that arise from time to time and offer excellent service at a great value.

You may take a look at our pricing and say, "Well your prices are a little more than others", yes that may be true in some cases and not in others, but if you ask our clients, many of them will tell you that they have been happy with our services for years. They are happy because we are always available to answer their questions and are there to consult with them and work with them to help them solve their total web development needs.

As your own web property matures and grows you need a host that can adapt and grow with your web project. If your site suddenly started getting 10,000 visitors a day, can your host handle that? You may say, but the site said I could have unlimited traffic and unlimited bandwith. Well let me tell you, most small web hosts have no concept of sites that do 10,000 visitors a day let alone those that reach the millions per month.

No matter what you may think, a $5 or $10 a month website will not handle a million visitors a month.

Now we're not saying that if you want to start a website to help support the customers of your home town retail location, restaurant, real estate or doctor's office or just about any other business requires you to purchase and maintain a dedicated server, but choosing the right web host to work with ahead of time can save you many headaches down the road.

We invite you to take a serious look at our services. The hosting services we have listed are offered in a NOC (Network Operations Center) where WE OWN OUR equipment and where we also house our customer's co-location servers and is not a shared location in that we haven't just rented a reseller's account on a shared server provided by a different web host.

I am not putting down all hosting resellers. A reseller that cares about their clients and is there for them and rents space from good reliable hosts can serve clients well. In fact, I have a few clients that also resell sites to a few of their own clients and welcome other resellers to contact me if they are interested in web space to resell.

We invite you to consider Universal 4 Hosting as your web hosting provider. We stand ready to work with you and consult with you from the beginning of your project all the way through development, debugging and error testing, and when you publish the site we won't disappear, we will still be there for you for any questions or issues that may arise.

We welcome your questions and comments.

We understand that picking a service provider can be overwhelming at times. Even if you have decided to go with a local provider and we are not in your service area, we may be able to work with you and help you on a consulting basis.

We are available to consult with you during the design and development process, or you may hire us to help you find the right provider in your area.

Just visit our client information form and we will contact you back and discuss your options.


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