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Managed Server Services

In our managed servcies realm we offer clients a wide range of different choices in services.

You may have a server that you currently own or plan to purchase, that is either in-house or you may be planning to move it to a facility but do not have the time or resources necessary to manage it.

Or you may have equipment in a different facility that was managed by someone at the facility or was managed in-house by member of your staff and you are considering outsourcing the management.

If you are in the Central FL area and you are looking to outsource management of your on-site computers and network equipment or security equipment, we can help in that realm as well.

Whatever your needs are, we encourage you to visit our prospective client information form and fill it out. We will contact you and arrange a consultation to discuss your options.

Since the range of Managed Services can vary widely, a consultation with the provider is an absolute necessity.

Those that need to outsource management services, do so for a variety of reasons, and each company or individual will have different needs. Due to this it is almost unreasonable to order this type of service without first consulting with the provider and making sure they will be able to handle what is needed.

We are able to offer remote management and assistance, remote tech support and tech support consulting, as well as ON-Site management capabilities for Servers and Workstations within the Central Florida area.

We recommend you fill out our client information request form so a personal consultation can be arranged.


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