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Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors Book
Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors Book

For the thousands of U.S. business people who host international clients and colleagues, Do's And Taboos Of Hosting International Visitors offers a much needed guide to everything from entertaining and business protocol to the role of interpreters and corporate gift giving.

This book gives tips and tricks working with international visitors and will help you discover such things as how to work with foreign language interpreters, the different negotiating tactics tailored to specific cultures, what wine to serve visitors from different countries, how to make small talk with specific cultures and much more.

It will help you decide what gifts are appropriate or specific customs of visitors from certaingeographic regions. It will provide you with a quick reference of lists such as what religion is predominant in each country or their most popular sports or national toasts.

All in all, a very though provoking book for anyone that caters to international visiotrs.

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