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HTML 4 for the Web Book
HTML 4 for the Web Book

Although not really considered a beginners book, this book does a really good job of teaching you html. It just doesn't waste a lot of time going through things like how to click and create a text file or things that most people attempting to learn web design and html programming already know how to do.

You will learn about formatting, text, layout commands, cascading style sheets and more. Then individual HTML commands or tasks are illustrated one to a page. The steps fall down the outside of the page; illustrations line the page's inside.

A great course in htm, although topics such as Javascript are gone over too quickly so you may want to consider other titles that cover additional technologies.

If you need to learn html, this book will teach it.

From $8.50

HTML 4 For Dummies
(Paperback) With CDRom
From $8.99

HTML 4 For Dummies Book

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